Motherboard 4 ram slots

motherboard 4 ram slots

Why do most motherboards have 4 ram slots even though they don't support quad channel ram?Is this because mixing different pairs of ram is. Many Peoples are confused when they have 4 slots on motherboard and think how to install his RAM in these. hi, i am building myself a medium level gaming rig and the With dual channel ram you can run 2x or 4x matched ram and stay in dual channel. Pinhedd Jan 13,8: Submit a new text post. Intel Says AMD EPYC Processors "Glued-together" in Official Slide Deck PR campaign heating up. Tofu Profil Beiträge anzeigen. Instead of direct linking images, create a self post instead with some context. This particular motherboard comes from ASRock's Rack line, and does support Xeons and ECC. motherboard 4 ram slots